Tuesday August 28 2018

Phase 1: planning

We work with you to help create and visualise your office space, according to your needs, budget and schedule. Even with an abstract design, you will immediately see your new office.

Phase 2: furnishing design and choice

Colourful or neutral? Modern or traditional? What do you look for in your ideal business space? At GTM we identify alongside you an organic and functional style with you that adapts to your personality and that is in harmony with your regular suppliers.

Phase 3: work coordination

Thanks to the experience gained in the sector and to the professionalism of our staff, the coordination of the work proves to be a task full of responsibility, but also of satisfaction. An impeccable job must necessarily pass from a perfect organisation, guaranteed by our lean and efficient method.

Phase 4: installations

We have selected partners able to guarantee our customers quality systems that last over the years and offer high performance. The quality of the materials is combined with the construction quality, which is guaranteed by our staff.

Phase 5: furnishing

We have selected and verified dozens of suppliers and companies that ensure our customers a wide range of choices, able to give that touch of uniqueness and personality to each project and able to transform the workplace into a family environment.

Phase 6: Instrumentation

After completing the preparation of all the furniture, we also take care of providing all the customer’s required equipment, from desktops to desks, from multifunction printers to desktop printers, reinterpreting the office space for everyday use.

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